The 2nd Localytics Hackathon

Oct 21st – Oct 23rd, 2015


The Localytics Hackathon is a 2-day event where you can work on anything you are interested in…within reason (i.e. making guacamole or having a cooking contest won't fly). Projects should benefit the company and the culture at Localytics in some way or another. Please don't do anything illegal, immoral or will otherwise get us in trouble. You get the idea.

This is a great opportunity to make a positive impact at Localytics. Spend time on something you're interested in and passionate about.

What do I get out of it?

  • New friends! Work cross-functionally to create something awesome
  • The feeling of accomplishment through team or business impact
  • Fun, laughter, and team bonding
  • Win cash prizes (see below)

What are some project ideas?

  • Projects that makes yours or other teams' lives easier or things you've been wanting to do for a while, but just haven't had the time. Is there a feature we should be prioritizing in our Product? Research the impact or build it yourself. Should we improve a crappy workflow in Jira, explore that cool data pattern in Salesforce, try a new framework, build a marketing blast campaign, improve the demo, etc.
  • Charity work- volunteer in the community, run a donation drive or join one of the groups created during the last hackathon including Localytics Cares (see Annum) or Includalytics (see Tony)
  • Projects that build Localytics culture and promote our values
  • Check out ideas from the last hackathon for inspiration
  • Check what other companies such as Dropbox, Facebook and Urban Airship have done for thier Hackathons

How do I get started?

Enter your ideas, collaborate and find teamates on the Localytics Hackathon Ideas document.

What happens if I can't start or get on a team?

On Tuesday 10/20 (the day before the Hackathon begins), we'll give you the opportunity to pitch your own idea at the company meeting! Let Yvonne and Adam know if this is what you'd like to do and they'll get you on the agenda. Otherwise, email Yvonne or Adam and they will help get you on a team.

What about my real job?

The goal of the Hackathon is to give you time to work on things that are outside of your normal day-to-day job. We realize that normal job needs may arise, so when these situations happen, try to follow the 80/20 rule- spend 80% of your time hacking, and 20% of your time on normal responsibilities. The Hackathon is meant to help you spend 100% of your time hacking!

Do I have to?

You don't HAVE to, but we want to encourage everyone to participate. This is an amazing opportunity to work alongside other employees on something meaningful to you that you otherwise wouldn't be able to. We promise, it will be fun!


All times are in Eastern Standard Time (EST) unless noted.

Wednesday 10/21
12:00pmGMT Hackathon Begins!London
12:00pm Hackathon Begins!Boston
12:00pmPT Hackathon Begins!San Francisco
3:00pmPT Snacks!San Francisco
5:00pm Hackathon Yoga with KellyBoston, Kit-kat lounge
Thursday 10/22
8:00am - 11:00am Coffee Service by Barrington CoffeeBoston, Kit-kat lounge
9:00amPT West Coast BreakfastSan Francisco
12:00pm Lunch servedBoston & San Francisco
4:00pm - 6:00pmPT Masseuses!San Francisco
6:00pm Rum Tasting EventBoston, Kit-kat lounge
6:00pm West Coast DinnerSan Francisco
6:30pm East Coast Dinner
8:15pm Hackathon EntertainmentBoston, Kit-kat lounge
Friday 10/23
10:30am Hacking Ends!
10:30am - 12:00pm Science Fair
12:00pm - 12:30pm Lunch
12:30pm - 1:00pm London and SF demoesvia Video, Boston, Kit-kat lounge
1:00pm Shark Tank!Boston, Kit-kat lounge

Photos & video!

As we go, please take photos as we go! Team spirit, funny moments, and hard work in progress are appreciated! Post them to this Hackathon Photo Album as we go.

When the hacking is complete, we'll ask folks to create demo videos to pitch their projects. Post them to this Hackathon Demo Videos Album!


Winners will be determined by company vote- the projects that get the most votes across the company within a certain category wins.

Grand Prize $1,000

Top line, bottom line, or external impact. Project will be judged on potential direct impact on Localytics’ revenue, costs or impact in the community, industry.

Cross functional and global. Projects should demonstrate efforts and talents from more than one department. Teams should have a member from four or more departments OR three departments and more than one office.

Polished. Projects should have a compelling and polished demo.

#powerthrough$100 The project that required the most powering through of frustrating details.
#officewarming$100 The best project for spiffing up an office - new or old.
#localyticsbrandawareness$100 The project that best gets the word out about Localytics
#sgi$100 The project that contributes to one of our strategic growth initiatives which include: 1. Become the thought leaders in digital engagement, 2. Become our customer’s favorite vendor/partner and 3. Build a capability to enable million dollar+ deals


Please adhere to the following guidelines:

  • Please make sure you enter in your ideas for collaboration on the Hackathon Ideas document.
  • As a Localytics Hacker, you or someone on your team must present your work to the company during our Shark Tank judging panel to conclude the Hackathon.
  • Hacks should benefit the company and the culture at Localytics in some way. If in doubt please see Yvonne or Adam before hacking on your idea.
  • Teams should not exceed 7 people.
  • Each team will have $100 to spend on their hacks. This is intended to cover supplies, hosting charges and things of that nature. The budget is not intended to cover beer (which is free in the office) or things that are not directly related to your project. Expense this as you would any approved expenditure.
  • Have fun!

For reference, here are the departments at Localytics: Engineering, Product, Marketing, Finance, Operations, Sales, Customer Success


Who can I blame for this?

See Yvonne or Adam with any questions or complaints.

Thanks to Tristan Harward, Jon Bass, Courtney Jucht, Eric Pontides, Kunal Kamra, Pete Karl, Stacy Osorio, Tony Wieczorek, Will Catron, Ben Crosswell, Susie Castillo, and Wolfgang Therrien for organizing, planning, ordering, designing and ultimately making this event possible.